Monday, March 2, 2009


It's a rarity that we receive a snowfall like we saw on yesterday! Coming from the North, this is a HUGE deal for me! I was at church enjoying our family day and fellowship luncheon when someone pointed out that it was snowing. My initial reaction was one of excitement, and then I realized it wasn't sticking. Then I got a little disappointed and mentioned that it didn't count since it wasn't sticking. Not long after that, it did start to stick! The trip home was a little scary because the roads were getting a little slick but I couldn't wait to get home to change into play clothes and go enjoy it. We spent several hours playing in the snow and enjoying it. By nightfall, it was too cold to stay out anymore so we came into the house and warmed up. School was cancelled so we have today to enjoy what's left of the snow (not much!). I'll post pictures soon!

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