Saturday, October 21, 2017

Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan

Deadly Proof (Atlanta Justice #1)Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan
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I'm hooked on this "new-to-me" author! Rachel Dylan packs a punch in the first book in the Atlanta Justice series where Kate Sullivan is lead council against a major pharmaceutical company. Kate's opposing council, Ethan, is one of her closest friends from law school. Can their friendship survive this difficult case full of legal and ethical complexities?

Landon hasn't been home from the war too terribly long but he's really trying to get his life together. He loves working as a private investigator and when he's contacted by Kate Sullivan to provide security for a high level court case, he starts to feel even more human. Landon is looking forward to putting his past behind him and this court case will definitely keep him busy.

This book is a really quick, interesting read. This book is very much a work of fiction but covers a lot of cases heard in courts today. When Mason Pharmaceutical Company creates a drug, Celix, that's known to cause tumors and has been blamed for the deaths of many people, there are many questions that arise. The politics behind the moves of MPC are very common in today's society as well. CEO's trying to line their pockets for the sake of another dollar without thinking or caring about the adverse effects. Even worse, hiding the facts of the case!! It's rare to find a work of Christian Fiction in the area of a medical or legal thriller so this was exciting to find!! I'm looking forward to more books in this series!

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