Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Flexi-of-the-Month from Lilla Rose

Each month, Lilla Rose has a new design that only lasts during that month. Every once in awhile, the company will decide to add it to the full line but that could be years after it's first debut. This month's feature, Compass Rose, is sure to delight anyone fascinated with the seas, weather, directions, or even the popular movie, Frozen!!

It's also coming up on scarf weather! Don't forget that flexi's can be worn on your favorite scarves and hats too!! 

If you are looking for fun, affordable gifts, look no further than Lilla Rose!! Shop now at Faithfulgirl's Hair Jewelry!!

I am also looking to add some new team members to my fabulous team!! Are you in love with our product? Join us! 

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