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Review: Legacy Road by Graham Garrison

Legacy RoadLegacy Road by Graham Garrison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's only Graham Garrison's second book but you'd better prepare to hold your seat until you are finished with this one! I had the hardest time putting this one down! I first became aware of Mr. Garrison in December of 2010 when I read Hero's Tribute. I read it in six hours and this one was pretty much the same.

My favorite line in this book is on the first page!! “"A fork" Really?" were her first words, in a slightly raspy, completely Southern voice. "What kind of self-respecting man eats his ribs with a fork?"” ~Emmy

Legacy Road is a continuation of Wes's story. He's still dealing with all the emotions of delivering Michael's eulogy and now trying to settle down with the love of his life. There's a slight problem though...Emmy's going away for awhile. She's also got a huge secret that she hasn't shared with Wes yet.

Michael is consumed with his graduate studies and is being somewhat forced to spend more time with his dad because of it. Then, he learns of his mother's illness and it just seems that nothing will ever be the same again. Learning where his love is going for a year does not help matters either. It's not until he gathers up letters from a relative and starts to see historical connections that his life changes even more drastically. What lesson(s) is/are his professor trying to get him to see? Where will his relationship with Emmy be in a few days/months/years? How will he deal with the news his parents drop on him?

When Mr. Garrison asked me to review this book, I was ecstatic! I thoroughly enjoyed Hero's Tribute and this book wasn't a disappointment either. My ONLY request is that Mr. Garrison pick this story up where it ended and continue it!! His writing is clear and concise and you feel a part of the story. His characters are believable and have normal, everyday issues. I also enjoy learning more history of Georgia by reading his books. I have lived here for eleven years and still do not know a whole lot about Georgia and the historical events that took place. I hope to visit Allatoona sometime and see settings mentioned in this book.

If you enjoy a great story without a lot of fluff, this book is for you! It would be a great book for a teenager to read, but I do recommend reading Hero's Tribute first in order to get the full picture.

Many thanks to Mr. Garrison for providing a copy of this fantastic novel for me to read on my Kindle Fire!

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