Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meander Scar by Lisa Lickel

Meander ScarMeander Scar by Lisa J. Lickel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ann Ballard is tired of the waiting, the loneliness, the questions. Will she ever be able to put her husband to rest? Gene has been missing/dead for years, yet she is still married to him until the courts deem otherwise. If only the mother-in-law would allow it!! Just when Ann is at her worst, an old neighbor shows up for a visit. Mark Roth grew up next door to Ann and was her son Ricky's friend. Things became a little tense after Trey (Mark's half brother) died. Mark has now moved back to his hometown to open up a law office and possibly light up some sparks. Is it feasible for a younger man to fall in love with an older woman?

I really enjoyed reading this book. I love how the story unfolded between Ann and Mark. The mystery surrounding Gene was also intriguing and I began to wonder what may have really happened. There were a couple of parts in the middle that dragged just a bit (or maybe it was because I wasn't able to read for long periods and the wait was my "non-reading life" calling me away!) The ending will tug at your heart and possibly tear you to pieces! I do think the ending was most appropriate for this story and I'm glad that ended this way. The meaning of "meander scar" and the tie in to the story made it so much more enjoyable! The characters were believable and I felt like I was in Ann's shoes while reading this book. Highly recommended!

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